The Biological Farmer, First Edition

Gary Zimmer

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The secret to better farming is ... there is no secret. There is no magic product, and no miracle fertilizer. Biological farmers work with nature, feeding soil life, balancing soil minerals and tilling soils with a purpose. The methods they apply involve a unique system of beliefs, observations and guidelines that result in increased production and profit. The practical how-to guide explains their methods an will help you make farming fun and profitable.

A safe and sustainable system designed to obtain optimum production. Biological farming does not mean less production; it means eliminating obstacles to healthy, efficient production. Once the chemical, physical and biological properties of the soil are in balance, you can expect optimal outputs, even in bad years. Biological farming i proves the environment, reduces erosion, reduces disease and insect problems and alters weed pressure — and it accomplishes this by working in harmony with nature.

A common sense approach. Biological farming focuses on ways to reduce input costs and to increase profits while improving soil conditions and livestock health. 

Taking care of the soil. Skilled biological farmers learn how to take care of soil life. They nurture it, feed it a balanced diet, and use tillage tools and methods to enhance soil life. 

Learn how to fertilize. Biological farmers learn proper fertilizer uses to correct mineral and nutrient imbalances and to feed plants and soil life. 

Copyright 2000, Softcover, 344 pages

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