This section contains all the DVDs and video recordings we currently have in stock. Topics range from butchering to permaculture, from human health to beekeeping. Almost all our DVDs can be PAL formatted as needed.
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The Salatin Semester DVD/Book set

Joel Salatin

$219.00 $249.00
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Top-Bar Beekeeping DVD

Les Crowder & Heather Harrell

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Natural Beekeeping DVD

Ross Conrad

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Hands-On Agronomy DVD

Neal Kinsey

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Circle of Poison

Evan Mascagni & Shannon Post

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Soils & Agronomy DVD Seminar

Arden Andersen

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Seed: The Untold Story DVD

Collective Eye Films

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Genetic Roulette DVD

Jeffrey M. Smith

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Holistic Veterinary Care PAL DVD

Jerry Brunetti & Hubert J. Karreman V.M.D.

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The World According to Monsanto DVD

Marie-Monique Robin

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The Polyface Farm DVD

Joel Salatin

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The Gourmet Butcher DVD

Cole Ward


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